20 Questions With Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears answered Billboard’s 20 inquiries about her early impacts, upcoming jobs and just how Britney as soon as assisted her conquered her musical anxieties.

The signature tune rebirth complied with a Zoey 101 cast get-together on All That previously this year that was consulted with an outpouring of enjoyment on social media. That occasion was complied with by See it First: The Follow Me (Zoey 101) Experience, a global livestream event on Sunday (Oct. 25) that proceeded the review the collection.

As Jamie Lynn Spears mirrors on the power of Zoey 101 as well as looks in advance to even more new music– as well as reprising her duty in the Netflix series Dessert Magnolias– she answered Billboard’s 20 inquiries regarding her early influences, upcoming tasks as well as just how Britney as soon as aided her overcome her music anxieties.

1. What’s the very first item of music that you got for yourself, and also what was the tool?

It was a Shania Twain CD, Begin Over. The one that had “That Don’t Thrill Me Much” on it, as well as I used to change the lyrics with “So you think you’re Britney Spears? That do not thrill me much!” I would certainly change the words as well as I would certainly perform it in my living area.

2. What was the first show you saw?

That’s tricky, because I grew up going to my sister’s concerts– I do not really keep in mind a show prior to her. The first one I actually keep in mind was the one where she was opening up for * NSYNC and also she carried this silver top and also this silver pant and she had her belly out, and also people resembled “Oh my god, that’s so opprobrious” as well as I just keep in mind assuming “My sibling looks fantastic as well as she’s in a genuine show doing a real performance!”.

3. How did your moms and dads shape your musical taste?

They have really various preference in music, so I assume that that was necessary. My papa is really much right into c and w. You recognize, Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks … And also my mommy is like: Elton John, Eric Clapton, all those type of individuals. It made me enjoy and appreciate all songs.

4. That made you realize you could be an artist permanent?

I would certainly state that my sis showed me that it was possible. We resided in, you recognize, Podunk Kentwood, Louisiana, and also she wanted something negative sufficient to go after it. And also after that my mama as well as my father– they counted on her to sustain that. To me, it was my family members stating, “You’re excellent enough for anything you work hard for.”.

5. What goes to the top of your professional container list?

That’s tough! I would state it would be to win something– like an Emmy, or something like that. And also not simply for a project that I belonged of, yet something I was a component of creating on the back end– like songwriting on the music side, or generating on the television side. I just assume that would be something that I would really, truly like– I suggest certainly, that wouldn’t want that?

6. Just how did your hometown/city shape who you are?

Oh, it’s everything. Individuals that sustained me and still support me and keep me based– today they’re doing that for my kids, and I believe that’s the reason why I returned as well as I desire to elevate my youngsters there, since it keeps me honest. My hometown maintains my actually truthful.

7. What’s the last song you listened to?

” Follow Me (Zoey 101)”– it really is. I had to sing it regarding 400 times the other day!

8. If you could see any type of artist together, dead or to life, who would it be?

I actually wished to see Royal prince. That’s someone I really did not obtain to see.

9. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen take place in the crowd of one of your sets?

Once while were shooting Zoey 101, as well as Matthew Undergrowth (that played Logan Reese) had just obtained his authorization … and he damaged his BMW on set! It boggled the mind. It was quite remarkable, and most likely the craziest point I have actually ever before seen.

10. Exactly how has the pandemic damaged your creativity in 2020?

It’s been way up and also way down. I get actually, truly hyper-creative and also desire to do whatever; and afterwards I just get like, “Ugh, gosh, when am I going to be able to have my imaginative outlet, I just wish to sit below and binge-watch television.” I assume it’s been a rollercoaster however total, some of my ideal innovative things has actually possibly come from being alone and having time to be person with my thoughts.

11. What was it like to experience the Zoey 101 cast reunion?

It really felt like I was kind of in a desire, but it was amazing to see everyone, and also see everyone doing well. As well as the followers loved it, which to me was the ideal part– providing the fans that, what they’ve been desiring so very much.

12. What made you make a decision that it was time to record a full-length, updated version of the style tune?

Well, we never launched the original track. As well as it came to be just as prominent as the show did– individuals wanted the song, the fans desired the tune. Throughout this pandemic, I believe a lot of individuals were reaching back for their childhood years programs as well as comfort TV, and also I desired to provide something to hold them over while we’re working with the reboot as well as also type of examination the waters regarding what the reboot would certainly resemble.

The track is a fantastic example of what the reboot will be, by weding the initial Zoey with today’s generations. Making both the old fans as well as the new followers delighted, and making it something positive, that speak about collaborating as people while likewise just being delighted and hemming and haw– I believe this song really covers all of that.

13. Exactly how much do you anticipate your focus to be on songs in 2021 and also past?

Whether I’m creating songs independently or whether I am available doing it publicly, songs is a substantial component of my daily life. I’m an imaginative person and right now, the imaginative electrical outlets that I’ve had the ability to have actually have been Wonderful Magnolias as well as this tune as well as reboot, which has actually been really fun due to the fact that I have actually had the ability to have both music as well as acting. So I believe for me, songs is always there– it’s just regarding having the time to do it and do it correctly.

14. What are your memories of listening to the Zoey 101 signature tune, which was co-written by your huge sis Britney, for the very first time?

I just keep in mind being like really honored hearing myself on a full tune. Can you imagine being 12 years old and hearing yourself on a fully created tune?

15. What’s your karaoke go-to?

” Fancy,” Reba McEntire.

16. What flick, or song, always makes you sob?

Steel Magnolias.

17. What television series have you seen right via numerous times?

Most Likely Parks and also Rec and also The Golden Girls and Bewitched … I watched Allured a lot of times, even the ones in black-and-white.

18. What’s something that even your most devoted fans don’t find out about you?

Hmm. One point they may not understand regarding me is that I’m likewise a songwriter for various other artists. I co-wrote the song “I Obtained The Child” by Jana Kramer, which won NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Organization International) and also BMI Honors.

19. If you were not an artist, what would certainly you be?

I want to be a meteorologist … ’cause I’m actually worried of twisters, and meteorologists reach remain in a large studio every time there’s a hurricane, and also I really feel like that’s the most safe location to be. I’m really courageous of anything … other than when it comes to a hurricane. I get the trembles and I go hide in the wardrobe. In my new residence, I’m in fact going to build myself a little secure space for the twisters due to the fact that I’m so deathly terrified of them. Truthfully, I enjoy whatever to do with the weather, so I assume that would certainly be a dream work.

20. What’s one piece of advice you would provide to your younger self?

Appreciate it, as well as quit being so hard on yourself. Enjoy as well as simply do what you feel you intend to do, you recognize? Trust your digestive tract and have a good time