Airdrie Taxi Services Wait Times

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Hello again, thank you for joining us for another informative read revolving around Airdrie Taxi Services.
As always we are writing these blog posts, to help inform you, the consumer. We want to provide you with as significantly information as we can. Safe & honest travel accommodations are our priority; even if you don’t ride with
taxi cab airdrie Cabs – Airdrie Taxi, we want to ensure you are as informed as you can be.

As always, we want to encourage you to check out our previously written blogs. Previously we discussed Payment options & Airport fares to both the YYC International Airport of Calgary. As well we discussed the Airdrie Bylaws that surround these services.

On Demand Service, How it works.

In Today’s blog, we won’t be discussing anything that is technically regulated by Airdrie Taxi Service Bylaw.
But regardless we do believe it still to be a crucial factor in truth & transparency with your service provider of choice.
Let’s chat wait times, and the truth in estimating them. First, it’s critical to note that Taxi Services in all cities; not just Airdrie operate on a “On Demand Service” Business model. What this means is that if you need a taxi now, you can call now and we will send the first available Taxi to you.

The Key to remember with the on demand service business model; is that we will always send the first available car, this might take as little as 2 minutes, or as substantially as 30-45 minutes. It truthfully depends on how busy that company is at that time, for example mid morning on a Monday, is a lot less busy; than a Friday night.

How Long Should I Expect To Wait?

One aspect that we hear of frequently; that really sets us apart from our competition, is our honesty in time estimation. We attempt to be as accurate as possible, so that you can plan accordingly! We will never give you the blanket “10 Minutes” Statement.

We’ve have heard a large number of times now, and I’m sure you’ve experienced it to; with nearly every taxi, in every City, in every Country; you’ve ever travelled in. The standard response seems to be “10 minutes”.

Sure sometimes this might be accurate, the Taxi Service might even arrive a few minutes early or perhaps only a few minutes later. That’s great, and to those dispatch operators and drivers we applaud you; that’s exactly how it should be!

But just like two-face in Batman, there’s a flip side to every coin. More often than not, we hear from our clients that with other Taxi Organizations, they have been told “10 minutes”. Only for a hour to pass with still no car in sight. This isn’t just true for Airdrie Taxi Service providers, but everywhere; where a Taxi Service can be found!

This can present a large number of issues, like being late for work, for a appointment; or even for your additional connecting travel accommodations.
All that being said, we can say on typical, the typical response time for a Airdrie Taxi services to arrive for pickup should be in the 10-15 minute window. The beauty of this city, is although we have all the amenities of a large City like Calgary, Geometrically we are still small, and travel from the West side of Airdrie to the East can often be as quick as 7 minutes. With the exception of that train that runs right down the middle, and only seems to appear when you are in a rush! LOL

When should I Prebook?

Pre booking is a valuable tool we at Airdrie Cab as well as several other Airdrie Taxi Services will have as a option as well. Pre booking is generally best used for Airport service, appointments, school schedules or work.
Our prebook service is actually open 24/7, despite our hours being currently fixed on a set schedule, we do accommodate around the clock. Our drivers are happy to transport you to or from the Airport at all hours, or anywhere really.