Money and Sanity-Saving Ideas on How to Decide on a Knock Down Rebuild

Money and Sanity-Saving Ideas on How to Decide on a Knock Down Rebuild

Do you really like the house where you currently live, but you require more space? Whether it’s for your growing family, or to suit your needs and lifestyles). If you answered yes to this question, then I strongly suggest that doing a knock down rebuild. Although this process might look or sound daunting, there are a host of benefits to a Brisbane knock down rebuild. So, to help you with the decision-making process, here are a couple of money and sanity-saving ideas to consider.

Selling and/or Buying Another House Versus a Knock Down Rebuild

While you could of course you could sell your current home, and buy another house in the same area perhaps, like renovating there are a number of things that you will need to consider.

Like for starters, the current real estate market is in very high demand, and the competition for quality homes is quite high. This means that the chances of you being able to secure a home that you love without selling an arm and a leg (and even your first-born child) would likely be your first challenge.

The chances of finding a floor plan that exactly suits your needs and lifestyles, along with finishes and fixtures that suit your aesthetic preferences, (without spending a lot of money on changes, updates or renovations, may also be pretty slim.

And, before I forget you are still taking on an existing home that will require a higher level of maintenance than a brand-new house, which means you’ll be spending more cash!

But then again, the selling and buying process can hit your pocket with costs like stamp duties, agent selling and marketing fees or commissions, moving costs and more which will add things up on the financial front.

Ultimately, you will never know what you are going to get until you move (and that includes the possibility of moving in with nosy and potentially noisy neighbors). And, there’s a possibility of you not liking your new location as compared to the previous one.

Renovating Your Home Versus a Full Knockdown Rebuild

According to a few of my construction experts, renovating can actually be a quite rewarding activity, especially when you get to make changes to refresh your current home. Like for example, you plan to add an extra room or knock down a wall or two to create a more open-plan living area.

But, depending on the scale of changes you want to make, the cost of renovating a home can be quite higher than building a brand-new home from scratch. Simply knocking down or moving a wall is not always that easy, as there are a few structural considerations that you must take onboard.

Now, how pissed off would you be if you suddenly found that your renovation goals couldn’t be realized because the existing house structure either would not allow you to do what you wanted, or that the cost to do it would blow your budget to the heavens?

Well, anyone who has either renovated their home, or did a full Brisbane knock down rebuild will tell you that there are always nasty surprises along the way, which usually end costing more money, more time and more sacrifice because it didn’t achieve the desired outcome.

Renovation generally involves adding to the existing structure, as well as to the finishes of the home. Depending on the age, and current quality of the existing house, you will probably need to carry out extra maintenance work, or even consider total replacement somewhere in the future.

And, do not forget the trouble of living in a house while it’s being renovated or refurbished. So, do any of these things deter you from wanting to renovate your home? Well, according to our team of construction experts, renovation can be a very rewarding process, and it will give you the opportunity to update your home to better suit your needs and preferences, while at the same time adding value to your property.

But before you begin, always make sure you do your research, as well as enlist the aid of licensed tradesmen along the way, as well as make it a habit to stick out to a budget. On the other hand, a Brisbane knock down rebuild can eliminate all of the negative stuff that renovations can bring.

However, there will still be a process to step through, and there will be things that you’ll need to consider when looking to do a Brisbane knock down rebuild. But then again, we hope this article would give you a good heads-up and what to do, and what to expect.

The Benefits of a Knock Down Rebuild Over Moving

There are a number of perks to considering a Brisbane knock down rebuild over moving. For starters, you get a brand-new home with the exact design, floor plan and finished that you will definitely love and cherish.

Second, a Brisbane knock down rebuild will add a lot of value to your property, especially if you decide to sell it later. Third, you also save on stamp duty, selling and moving costs, as well as enjoy the convenience of staying in the same location that you know and love.

Well, the first major step in a Brisbane knock down would be to consider how you want to live in your home. A good place to start would be to think about how your current home doesn’t meet your needs or expectations, and then start identifying your wish list.

Apart from your current needs, also think about how your living situation may change over the coming years, and plan for it. Perhaps you plan to start a family, or need more room for an ever-growing family.

When it comes to designing your home, consider site orientation (like the layout and positioning of rooms, windows, doors, living spaces etc.), partner with a good designer (so that you can save money through considering how to efficiently use space, address land and size constraints) and consider your location.

Lastly, choose your finishes (from the finished of your kitchen cabinets, bench tops, tiles, vanities, internal doors and handles, skirting board profiles, lighting and electrical points etc.), find a good home builder who will be able to provide you with a detailed tender (or a full breakdown of what it will cost you to build a brand-new knock-down rebuild) and get council approval for your Brisbane knock down rebuild project.