What Makes a Great Tree Lopping Service, & How to Find the Best One

What Makes a Great Tree Lopping Service, & How to Find the Best One

Does your home or property have lots of trees? Well, I love having a lot of trees in my neighborhood, because they keep temperatures cool, and they provide a lot of shade during the hot and searing summer days too. However, over-hanging branches can spread, grow old and decay, as well as lead to greater risks of damaging your home or property. Dead or decaying trees and branches can also heighten the risk of fires. Unless, you have the experience and working knowledge of pruning or cutting trees, it would be wiser to hire a professional tree service Brisbane to do the cutting, pruning and trimming for you. Here’s a look at what makes a good tree lopping service, and how to find the best one.

The Stuff to Look for in a Professional Tree Service

Let’s start the discussion with list of a few of the most critical or vital aspects to keep in mind when looking for a professional tree service Brisbane, the first of which is insurance. Remember that not all insurance is the same, and if the company you hire doesn’t have the proper liability and worker’s compensation insurance, then they may not be able to cover the costs for any damage done to your property.

You’ll also want to ensure that the tree service Brisbane has the appropriate worker’s compensation insurance so that you won’t be held responsible if someone is injured (or worse killed) while working on your property.

The second factor or aspect to look out for when hiring a prospective tree service Brisbane is price. Because there are a lot of factors involved in pricing a tree lopping service, always make sure you ask for a detailed breakdown on exactly what you will be charged for.

If the tree service Brisbane doesn’t want to put everything in print, then they may be interested in squeezing you some extra money. And, it’s also important that you don’t just hire the company because they’re the “cheapest” option.

Often, the phrase “You get what you pay for” holds very true here. Thus, make sure that you’ve done all your research and do not make any decision solely based on the cost of the service.

The fourth factor to look closely into when hiring a professional tree service Brisbane is equipment. Ask the company what type of equipment they will use, and exactly how they plan to do the job that you want to hire them for.

Make sure you let the service provider know just exactly what type of service you need from them, and make sure that they have a plan for doing the job. And, of course, you need to determine that they have the necessary equipment to do the job right.  Like for example, you need a stump removed, but the company you plan to hire doesn’t have a stump grinder.

The fifth item to carefully consider when hiring a tree service Brisbane is employee credentials. If the workers in the company not know what they’re doing, then they can do a lot more harm than good for you.

Thus, make sure the tree service Brisbane you hire has a license, because it’s illegal to operate a tree lopping service without a license. And, also make sure that the workers have the proper training, because you will want to make sure that all the staff are experienced in the type of work that they’re doing.

The sixth item to carefully consider when hiring a tree service Brisbane is safety. The company you hire should hold themselves to a very high and rigorous standard of safety. All the employees should also be wearing hard hats, as well as fully comply with all occupational safety and health regulations.

Never, ever put your trust in any company who doesn’t take all the proper legal steps to make sure that their personnel are fully protected.

How to Hire a Good Tree Service

Tackling and resolving any tree-related issues would be a lot more straightforward if you know how to find a very good tree service Brisbane. But, before you hire someone, it would be wise to first create a plan.

Hiring a professional tree service Brisbane is very much like hiring a remodeling contractor, where it would be helpful to think about how you’d like your garden or landscape to look after your tree lopping, cutting or pruning service is done.

This could mean removing one or many trees, or pruning the existing trees for good health and appearance. While you need not know every detail, at least having a good idea of your objectives is important.

The second key to hiring the best tree service Brisbane in town is to ask your friends, neighbors or even co-workers or business associates to provide you with referrals. Since cutting, pruning or trimming trees is a dangerous DIY job, with lots of potential hazards to deal with, hiring someone with serious knowledge and skill to do the job correctly is of the essence.

So, start by asking your friends, relatives, co-workers or business associates who is remodeling or doing the landscaping job in their yard. Ask them who they brought in, what the company did, what their experience was with the service provider, and if they’d recommend them to you.

Next, get at least three estimates from prospective tree service Brisbane providers. This practice is widely accepted and understood, so that you don’t have to feel guilty of turning down a service provider, and going with someone else.

Obtain the estimates from companies who are willing to come to your home or office, and see what your trees need, and are more than eager to answer all your questions without hesitation.

Once you get the referrals, ask them about their experience in working with the company, and whether their yard or property was clean and orderly when they finished the job. You could also check out tree-cleaning or trimming forums and consumer reviews, as well as follow up by checking the government regulatory website or office to find information on how the company handles issues or complaints when they arise.

And while online consumer reviews may not always tell the whole story, they can indeed be quite useful when determining the right tree service Brisbane.